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Welcome to the Digestive Health Center of Huntington

The Digestive Health Center of Huntington is a GI Ambulatory Surgery Center serving approximately 5,000 patients per year. The center was certified and opened in December 2002 after the hard work, dedication and perserverance of Drs. Paul Bermanski and Richard Fried (Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director). The Center is a free standing large facility fully licensed by the sate of New York specializing in Endoscopy procedures, located in the heart of Huntington

Why DHC of Huntington, Inc.?

Over 100 million Americans experience some type of digestive problem. While many digestive problems are more common as people get older, they can occur at any age. The ultimate goal of this center is to provide colon/rectal cancer screenings and other GI procedures along with patient awareness, education and nutrition in a comfortable, relaxed, and nurturing environment.